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Cassidy Severtson LMT, OMT

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Integrated   Massage

In Integrated Massage we use a wide variety of modalities this is a great way to re leave stress, loosen tight muscles. and is perfect for those who like to have some variety in their massage experience. we start by warming up your muscles and then work our way into a deeper massage, we only go as deep as you like. We use hot towels to relax you and your muscles at different points in the massage. Our massages range from 30 minute massage to 90 min massage. 30 min $35, 60 min $65, 90 min $95

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is for the expecting mother. By using plenty of pillows to make you as comfortable as possible we will ease the discomforts of pregnancy like stiff neck, stiff back, achy feet, joint discomfort. This can also help with sleep issues and aide in swelling in the arms and legs. We only perform this in the second trimester. So let us spoil you with a massage tailored specifically to you.  30 min $35, 60 min $65, 90 min $95

Oncology Massage




Hot Stone Massage

Oncology massage an approach to massage therapy based in both compassion and specialized massage treatments to help people manage their experience with cancer. This will assist the body with dealing with the side effects of treatment during and after treatment form your doctor. Client's that have received this have reported better sleep, fewer headaches, less numbness, less chemotherapy related nausea, less chronic pain from the cancer it self or treatment and less stress and anxiety. before receiving this massage we must have a consolation with the client in order to tailor their massage to them, this takes approximately 30 minutes. We do not charge for the consolation.  30 min $35, 60 min $65, 90 min $95

Hot stone massage is performed with warm basalt stones that are placed in key spots on the client. this aides in warming the muscles and improving circulation and allows for the release of toxins. Hot stone also allows therapist to reach deeper levels with out as much has been shown to be to ease the pain associated with arthritis and osteoarthritis, also insomnia, back aches, depression and other ailments. 30 min $35, 60 min $65, 90 min $95 

Now Featuring Himilayian Salt Stone Massage

*Same price as hot stone